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Often the most neglected part of a lesson is the most crucial – the end!  Checking and evaluating student learning and understanding of their in-class experiences has never been so important.  That’s where Hula comes in!  Hula allows teachers to check their learners are engaged in the classroom and have confidence in what they have learned through responses to thought-provoking and challenging exit questions.   The detailed responses teacher then receive, rather a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’, allow for future lessons to be better informed about learning and student preferences.  Hula truly unlocks what students are thinking.  And makes sure teachers are enlightened!

Hula is the brainchild of a number of teachers who got together to make learning aims and outcomes easier to review. 

“I used to think my students left my class at the end of the day having understood it all.  Digging deeper, it was not always the case!  Exit tickets form a vital part of my planning.  It allows me to see what my students have understood and what I can revisit next time, or deliver differently.  Hula provides a simple way of checking learners’ knowledge to leave you fully aware of what your learners know, like and struggle with” - Rob Price, Sparsholt College, Hampshire.


Shape. Review. Evaluate.